I knew about "The Secret" --and have manifested what I want-- but the Netflix documentary

As I was scrolling through Netflix’s selection last night, I came across the documentary on "The Secret" (I was actually looking for the Fyre Festival doc.) and thought that I could use a refresher. This is a practice/philosophy supported and presented in the documentary by philosophers, entrepreneurs, authors, metaphysicians, psychologists, and physicians. Now, I am no stranger to The Secret; I’ve read a lot on manifestation/visualization and have seen my thoughts come to fruition over the years, including my lifelong dream to live in NYC (which I wasn’t sure how I’d ever do, but have been doing for the last 6 years!), interviewing Gavin Rossdale (my childhood crush), landing the job I want

The Struggle Is Real: A Day in the Life of a Starving Artist

It’s been a few weeks since I set out on this journey to be a full-time writer and the struggle is real. In the first couple of weeks, I applied for several copywriter/writer jobs, and am now watching the “unfortunately-you’re-not-right-for-this-position” emails roll in. Even though they’re not exactly what I am ultimately looking for (I’d prefer an entertainment-based writing gig), it’s still hard to receive these rejections. I’ve had a few calls with regional magazines, and though they love my portfolio and what I’m doing, they only seem to want my ideas on how to improve their magazine and pitches on talent they should be looking at. What do I get though after I give you my ideas? Um, wh

Feelin’ a Little Blue? Here are five things I do to boost my mood

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, and when it isn’t and I’m feeling a little low or unmotivated, this is what I do: Turn on Some Music When I’m feeling lazy, can’t get out of bed or just a little bummed, I put on today’s hits or some fast-paced, jazzy Bublé and turn it up! In no time, I’m dancing around and I’ve got that pep back in my step. Seriously though, when people ask what’s the one thing I couldn’t live without, hands-down, it’s music! I need music to survive. Clean & Organize Most of you who know me, know that I am a little OCD and love to keep my place super organized and neat. There’s not much I can control in life, and this is something I have complete control over. I believe i

So, what does it take to be editor-in-chief of a magazine? A lot more than editing skills...

In 2013, I posted this quote from Vibe’s editor-in-chief, Jermaine Hall on my Facebook page, because it encapsulated what I do as editor-in-chief: “A lot of things that come with being editor-in-chief aren’t necessarily drilled down into the day-to-day tasks. It’s a lot of schmoozing; it’s a lot of fixing relationships; it’s a lot of bartering; it’s a lot of people skills, I would say. It’s really going out there to be the ambassador of the brand on all levels. And that doesn’t necessarily come from being the strongest writer, it just really comes from people skills and the contracts and the relationships there that you’ve been able to build over your career. So, I think it’s knowing that it

Life is so not fair. But these movies will help you deal with it.

In 6th grade English class, they asked us to write a speech. I wrote mine about movies. To this day, I can still remember talking about Spielberg, the movie theater experience, and all of the genres under the sun. I believe my opening line was: “Everyone loves the movies!” Spend a day with me and you’ll quickly realize that I am fluent in movie/TV quotes, and pretty damn proud of it. I am always injecting quotes from Mean Girls, Friends (I am so Monica!), Clueless, and Seinfeld...into the conversation -- I honestly can’t help it. Like books, movies give us a break from our lives and transport us to new worlds. They provide insight, offer different perspectives, make us laugh, make us cry, an

Looking for love in NYC? Good luck! If you need some true-love inspo, these married celeb couples (J

As a celebrity interviewer, I have the privilege of asking some of my favorite celebs whatever questions I like. Fortunately, I have a knack for putting people at ease and getting them to open up (so I've been told) so they often let their guards down and dish on the personal stuff. I LOVE asking relationship questions. Because I love love. Since the age of 15, I had always had a boyfriend (throughout high school, through college and then after college). I thought that love was fairly easy to find --I had been in four, long-term, committed, in-love relationships and only single a couple of months in between. But then I moved from L.A. to New York City and discovered that finding love here is

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