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Feelin’ a Little Blue? Here are five things I do to boost my mood

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, and when it isn’t and I’m feeling a little low or unmotivated, this is what I do:

Turn on Some Music

When I’m feeling lazy, can’t get out of bed or just a little bummed, I put on today’s hits or some fast-paced, jazzy Bublé and turn it up! In no time, I’m dancing around and I’ve got that pep back in my step. Seriously though, when people ask what’s the one thing I couldn’t live without, hands-down, it’s music! I need music to survive.

Clean & Organize

Most of you who know me, know that I am a little OCD and love to keep my place super organized and neat. There’s not much I can control in life, and this is something I have complete control over. I believe in energy, Feng Shui, chi --whatever you’d like to call it-- and if there’s clutter, dirty dishes, and a mess in my midst, I can’t be productive. I need a clean space to think straight. I am always getting rid of things and organizing, because, honestly, it soothes me.

Talk it Out

I am someone who feels so much better after I get something off my chest. If I need a pick-me-up, I call my dad or a friend or catch-up with a girlfriend over lunch to gain some perspective and get out of my head. Two heads are better than one, right? And sometimes I'm harping on something that really shouldn’t be an issue.

Listen to a Podcast

Nothing makes me feel less alone than hearing about other people's struggles, journeys, and how they achieved success. These days, I'm really into listening to Oprah’s “Master Class.” Her 30-minute podcast features stars that share their story (I’ve listened to the stories of Justin Timberlake, Ellen, Shaq… and learned so much), and they just lift me up.

Treat Myself

When all else fails, treat yo’ self! I’ll do something small like buy myself roses, treat myself to an indulgent Godiva dessert (those chocolate-covered macaroons are delicious!) or splurge on a fancy dinner (haha, yes, I know I do the latter weekly, but good food is life!). Little things like this always cheer me up immediately.

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