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For over a decade, Vanessa Pascale has interviewed the hottest names in Hollywood (150+ in-person celebrity interviews and 50+ cover stories), including high-profile movie stars (Catherine Zeta-Jones), musicians (Harry Connick Jr.), comedians (Chris D'Elia), fashion designers (Christian Siriano), entrepreneurs (Daniel Boulud), television personalities (Sophia Bush)… for the covers of glossy magazines and interior features.


The University of Central Florida graduate obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in English / Creative Writing and is presently editor-in-chief of MIAMI LIVING Magazine.

Her affinity for the arts --film, writing, music-- began at  8 years old; she'd voraciously devour Sweet Valley and The Baby-Sitters Club books, The Big Bopper interviews, primetime TV, and Blockbuster's latest releases. During this time, she also discovered her love for writing and would spend hours writing pages and pages of poetry and journaling. 


Today, Vanessa is elated that she is able to interview people she admires and writes about entertainment, food, fashion, travel --her greatest passions. Her writing has been published in magazines across the nation: LA Direct, San Diego Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, MIAMI LIVING, on websites (website content, executive bios), and has helped sell multimillion-dollar real estate.

In December 2018, she launched, "Journey of a Passionate Writer + Foodie," a lifestyle blog on her experiences as a celebrity interviewer, editor, writer of a luxury lifestyle publication, and passion for food/cooking.

Through the written word, Vanessa strives to inspire, entertain, and uncover the magic that lies in every story she tells.

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Vanessa Pascale and her work?


“Thank you for the great interview. I loved it! Look forward to next time.” Laura Prepon

"Thank you for the generous write-up.  Loved chatting with you." Meghan Markle

“Thank you so much for another beautifully, well-written piece. Hope to see you again soon.” LeAnn Rimes

“Thank you for writing such a lovely article.” Bailee Madison


“You’re a doll. Thank you for your time.” Alyssa Milano


“Thank you for writing such a flattering article.” Erika Christensen


“Thank you so much! You are such a good writer. I love it!” Lacey Chabert

“Thank you for this gorgeous article and for catching me perfectly." Kristin Chenoweth 

“Love the article you did on me. Great issue. Makes me miss Miami even more.” Jillian Barberie


“Check this interview I had with the lovely Vanessa Pascale. Thank you, Vanessa.” Andrea Navedo, star of Jane the Virgin


“Thank you so much for that lovely article! You were so gracious and kind.”  Ivana Milicevic, star of Banshee


“I love it! My favorite write-up this year!” Jocko Sims, The Last Ship


“Thanks for the great interview today.” Bryan Greenberg    

“Great article.” Todd Chrisley, Chrisley Knows Best


“Great article. Thanks for being so on point with it.” DJ Roger Sanchez


“I cannot thank you enough for such an incredible article. I am so flattered and honored by the caliber of your writing.” Aviva Drescher, The Real Housewives of New York

"You did an amazing job! I felt like I was reliving that moment... I feel like your writing is art." Mario, singer/songwriter


“Find out the one word to describe me in my interview with the beautifully disarming Vanessa Pascale.” Johnny Whitworth, Empire Records


“It turned out great! I’m really happy.” Jennifer Love Hewitt’s publicist, Sarah F.


“Thank you for such a wonderful profile on Melissa and for seeing her story come to fruition. It turned out so beautifully, we couldn't have asked for anything more. It was a real pleasure.” Melissa Joan Hart’s publicist, Lauren G.


“This is so beautifully written. Thank you so much for taking the time and making a true, in-depth profile. You've got mad skills, girl.”  Johnny Whitworth’s publicist, Maggie D.




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