Why Me? We All Want to Be More than Just A Placeholder

Recently, I’ve noticed a recurring topic among my friends/acquaintances —the questioning of another’s (either a romantic prospect or even a supposed friend) interest in them. My friends have said: “I don’t understand why he/she is interested in me” or “Why is he/she even interested in being my friend?” In case #1, this person thought they were out of the prospect’s league. And in case #2, this person didn’t understand the point of the friendship, as it was seemingly superficial (hard to grasp when you’re into “meaningful” relationships). With that being said, I believe these concerns stem from our innate desire to truly be seen for who we are. If the people in our lives aren’t seeing us for

Interview with Andrew Werner, founder of Fleur'd Pins

The Fleur'd Pins founder/photographer talks about his company, spring trends, celebs who have sported his lapel flowers, and more. For more information on Fleur'd Pins, visit www.fleurdpins.com Follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter: @FleurdPins. Follow Andrew on Instagram and Twitter: @AndrewWerner

Soul Food: What are you consuming today?

Today is a beautiful day in NYC; it’s a sunny, warm 63 degrees and it FINALLY feels like spring. Thank goodness! This cold, dreary weather has been bumming me out. After a sake-and-sushi lunch with a friend, I took a walk down to the seaport to take in the view and relish the sun. I always appreciate days like this. The sunshine and the view of the water always puts me in a good mood (typical Aquarius, gimme water and I’m good!). Every day I try to do things that feed my soul --I love deep, soulful conversations with friends, I listen to podcasts that inspire me, my Insta feed is full of positive quotes, and I am always reading a self-help book (eager student of life here!) or book about som

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