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Soul Food: What are you consuming today?

Today is a beautiful day in NYC; it’s a sunny, warm 63 degrees and it FINALLY feels like spring. Thank goodness! This cold, dreary weather has been bumming me out.

After a sake-and-sushi lunch with a friend, I took a walk down to the seaport to take in the view and relish the sun. I always appreciate days like this. The sunshine and the view of the water always puts me in a good mood (typical Aquarius, gimme water and I’m good!).

Every day I try to do things that feed my soul --I love deep, soulful conversations with friends, I listen to podcasts that inspire me, my Insta feed is full of positive quotes, and I am always reading a self-help book (eager student of life here!) or book about someone's passionate, successful journey. It's always encouraging to read about what others have overcome to get to the sweet spot they're at today.

I am in the midst of wrapping up the latest issue of Miami Living Magazine --the window is open, the sun is streaming in, and my music is playing (Today’s Hits on Pandora)... Today is a good day.

I try to always be cognizant of what I’m feeding my soul as there is so much out there that can get us down. We can’t expect every day to be a good day, but it helps to be aware of what we're ingesting.

What are you feeding your soul today?

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