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Why Me? We All Want to Be More than Just A Placeholder

Recently, I’ve noticed a recurring topic among my friends/acquaintances —the questioning of another’s (either a romantic prospect or even a supposed friend) interest in them.

My friends have said: “I don’t understand why he/she is interested in me” or “Why is he/she even interested in being my friend?”

In case #1, this person thought they were out of the prospect’s league.

And in case #2, this person didn’t understand the point of the friendship, as it was seemingly superficial (hard to grasp when you’re into “meaningful” relationships).

With that being said, I believe these concerns stem from our innate desire to truly be seen for who we are. If the people in our lives aren’t seeing us for who we think we are (our qualities we are most proud of, our values), then why are they here? What are their intentions?

Because we live in a society littered with people whose sole focus is: “How can you benefit me?”, it’s a challenge to decipher one’s true intentions or motives.

So, it’s natural to wonder: Why me? Why are you interested in "me"?

And then, we can only hope that their ideas/vision align with what we’re seeking, i.e. Are we on the same page?

We all want to be more than just a placeholder -- “insert friend”, “insert girlfriend”, “insert boyfriend” --- in someone else’s life.

We all want to know that we're valued for who we are.

We want to feel special and to be seen.

I try to be very vocal about why I appreciate/love the people in my life. I think it's nice to hear and know why the people in our tribe chose us.

What do you think?

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