Marcel: Exceptional surf & turf and an appearance by Marvel Studio’s God of Mischief, Loki

This Valentine’s Day, my guy made us a dinner reservation at Ford Fry’s (the Atlanta-based chef and restaurateur whose portfolio includes King + Duke, St. Cecilia, Superica, BeetleCat...) restaurant, Marcel. According to the steakhouse’s website, their appellation is a nod to Marcel Cerdan, “the iconic French fighter-romantic who endured ring rumbles, war, marriage, a famous affair with Edith Piaf and could only be stopped from seeing his love when his plane crashed into a mountain.” The restaurant has a formal yet relaxed feel about it. The chic space is outfitted with old-school photographs, tufted leather banquets, and an eclectic array of light fixtures. The tables are dressed in white;

What's Cooking? My new food blog!

I love good food, which is why I am always on the hunt for great restaurants and recipes. I wouldn't say I'm picky, but I do know good food. I often rate restaurants and recipes: Would I come back here again? Would I cook this again? That's not always easy to answer. Sometimes the restaurant has great ambiance, but mediocre food, which could warrant a return visit. Maybe the appetizer was excellent but the main course was bland and served at room temperature (lukewarm is never ideal). And sometimes the recipe simply needs to be tweaked. I have always been the Monica Geller in my group of friends. I love to cook and I love to entertain. For me, cooking and baking is a way to show you care. So


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