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I knew about "The Secret" --and have manifested what I want-- but the Netflix documentary was a great refresher

As I was scrolling through Netflix’s selection last night, I came across the documentary on "The Secret" (I was actually looking for the Fyre Festival doc.) and thought that I could use a refresher. This is a practice/philosophy supported and presented in the documentary by philosophers, entrepreneurs, authors, metaphysicians, psychologists, and physicians.

Now, I am no stranger to The Secret; I’ve read a lot on manifestation/visualization and have seen my thoughts come to fruition over the years, including my lifelong dream to live in NYC (which I wasn’t sure how I’d ever do, but have been doing for the last 6 years!), interviewing Gavin Rossdale (my childhood crush), landing the job I wanted…

The thing I’ve been laser-focused on the last few months was finding love --every penny tossed into a fountain, every wish made when the numbers on the clock were all the same, every lucky superstition I could participate in on New Year’s Eve (check out my previous love blog) was dedicated to finding love. Over the years, I’ve repeatedly listed and envisioned what I wanted in my partner, the consistent traits were: tall (at least 6’)-dark-handsome, kind, romantic, thoughtful, generous, successful, mature, protective… I swear, as soon as I really, really believed that it was possible to have this, the next day, the universe began working to give that to me. And would you believe that I recently reconnected with a man who happens to be all of that NOW (timing is everything!) and more? Like, to a tee! It seriously blows my mind.

So, watching the documentary was a nice refresher, and here are my takeaways:

STEP 1: ASK. The universe responds to your thoughts. Write it out. Do as Aladdin does! He asks for what he wants, and the genie (or the larger power, like the universe) says, “Your wish is my command!” Place your order with the universe.

STEP 2: Believe that it’s already yours. Have unwavering faith and believe in the unseen. Anyone who ever accomplished anything, didn’t know how it would come about --you will attract the way.

STEP 3: Receive. Feel the way you feel once it arrives. Feel it now. Feel good. Be happy. This is a feeling universe, you have to feel it.

What you can do to turn your life around:

1. Make a list of what you’re grateful for. Focus on gratitude and not on what you don’t have.

2. Visualize. When you visualize, then you materialize. If you’ve been there in the mind, you can go there in the body. Dwell on the end result and feel the happiness. It’s not your job to figure out the "how," that is the domain of the universe, it knows the way.

3. Decide what you want and believe you can have it. Close your eyes, visualize it, and feel the feelings of having it. Trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest it. Set a goal so big that it’s hard to achieve, then realize it, visualize it. Also, when you have an inspired thought, you have to trust it and act on it.

Tips to Remember

  • Your thoughts and feelings are what you create in your life. Always expect happiness and abundance.

  • It’s important that you “feel” good, it’s a signal to the universe, and will attract what feels good.

  • Whatever you put your energy into will produce more of, therefore DO NOT focus on your lack of or scarcity. Focus on abundance. Focus on prosperity. For example, if you’re anti-war, be pro-peace. The more you talk or read about how terrible it is, you’re creating more of that. Be informed, but not inundated with negative images. Take your attention away from what you don’t want. Energy flows where attention goes.

When things aren’t working, don’t spend your energy complaining, instead envision what you do want.

Love this analogy they gave: You can drive cross country in the dark as long as you can see the first 200 feet in front of you --trust that the next 200 feet will unfold.

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