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The Struggle Is Real: A Day in the Life of a Starving Artist

It’s been a few weeks since I set out on this journey to be a full-time writer and the struggle is real. In the first couple of weeks, I applied for several copywriter/writer jobs, and am now watching the “unfortunately-you’re-not-right-for-this-position” emails roll in. Even though they’re not exactly what I am ultimately looking for (I’d prefer an entertainment-based writing gig), it’s still hard to receive these rejections.

I’ve had a few calls with regional magazines, and though they love my portfolio and what I’m doing, they only seem to want my ideas on how to improve their magazine and pitches on talent they should be looking at. What do I get though after I give you my ideas? Um, where are the writing assignments? Where are the serious positions? It’s disheartening to jump on call after call and have it go nowhere, especially when you have ten years of experience under your belt.

I try to direct my attention to my nonexistent book, and it scares me to the point that I have extreme writer’s block. The ideas continue to swirl around in my head, but I have no direction… and no idea where I’d like to even begin my story.

It’s really hard to stay motivated when you don’t see results. This is why I’ve decided to focus on my fitness goals now --I might as well put my energy into something that will yield results that I can actually see.

As for my career, I’m hoping things will pick up. Everything always works itself out, right?

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