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Read my interviews with Chef Ford Fry and Decatur's restaurateurs/chefs in Decatur Living

This November, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chef Ford Fry at his Decatur restaurant, no. 246. I am a big fan of his food and restaurants, especially Marcel (I got engaged there ), The Optimist, Beetlecat, and Superica. Chef Fry is known as "one of the most prolific chefs and restaurateurs" in the United States. We talked about how he gives back, being a chef/restaurateur, what inspires him, and more. Chef Ford Fry; Brick Store Pub's Mike Gallagher; Iberian Pig's Fred Castelluci; and Revival's Chef Kevin Gillespie shared with me how they give back in the Winter 2021 issue of Decatur Living. Check it out!

Chef Ford Fry and me at his Decatur restaurant, no. 246.


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