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Looking for love in NYC? Good luck! If you need some true-love inspo, these married celeb couples (J

As a celebrity interviewer, I have the privilege of asking some of my favorite celebs whatever questions I like. Fortunately, I have a knack for putting people at ease and getting them to open up (so I've been told) so they often let their guards down and dish on the personal stuff.

I LOVE asking relationship questions. Because I love love.

Since the age of 15, I had always had a boyfriend (throughout high school, through college and then after college). I thought that love was fairly easy to find --I had been in four, long-term, committed, in-love relationships and only single a couple of months in between. 

But then I moved from L.A. to New York City and discovered that finding love here is challenging

How did I overlook the not-so-great dating scene showcased on Sex in the City all those years I coveted these ladies' fabulous New York City lives? 

Remember this quote by Charlotte?

NYC is not an easy city to find love in. I mean, Miranda --the lawyer!-- dated a bartender (who only ended up opening his own bar many episodes later).

Richard broke Samantha’s heart, so she ended up with someone way younger, which ultimately didn't work out.

Charlotte finally found Trey, but soon realized he wasn’t the dream guy she thought he was. Then, she finds love with her divorce lawyer, who won't marry her because she isn't Jewish, so she converts.

And Carrie was strung along by Mr. Big FOREVER. And then, when he finally decides to marry her, abandons her at the alter first, then concedes. UGH.

Believe me, I understand that no one is perfect, but why do some of us have to endure so much (man, I've got some stories!) or so many frogs until the right one comes along?

If you need more proof on how hard it is to find someone "dateable" in New York City's population of 8 million --check out this clip below from the movie, How to Be Single.


If you're like me, and need some renewed faith that great, romantic love still exists (that's what I'm holding out for!), check out what these three married celeb couples (who are still going strong) told me about about finding "the one."  

FYI: Jessie James Decker and Jenny McCarthy both shared with me that they’d been in terrible relationships with men who didn’t treat them right before finding their true love. So don’t give up hope! 



From my interview with Lauren on June 22, 2018

Seth and you have been together for like 14 years.

LAUREN: “13 years, we just had our bar mitzvah [laughs].”

What is the secret to the longevity?

LAUREN:  “We like each other. I don’t know. I always say, I feel like he still feels like my new boyfriend sometimes. I just feel like we got very lucky. We met each other and we’re very compatible. We have a lot in common. We like to do a lot of the same things. Our parents, I think, raised us in a similar way, they have similar relationships, like their commitments to each other.

But I think it’s an amount of luck that we just happen to be fortunate in that we met each other and just like clicked, and it just always felt right and easy, and knock on wood [she knocks on the table] and still does.

But we work hard at it, y’know? This past year we’ve been long-distance for a year essentially, but we have a rule: no more than two weeks apart, so a lot of airplanes… and like flying cross-country for two days, which we’ve both done in the past year many times, but it’s worth it. So, I dunno. It’s not a good answer, but lucky, I think.”



From my interview with Jenny on September 9, 2014

How did you know Donnie was “The One”? JENNY: “Donnie was someone I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with because he knew how to do the work. He kinda evolved through the years like I have -- a very similar path. We both got pretty famous at an early age. We both used that money to support our family, kinda went broke, and rebuilt ourselves and stayed relevant through the years from hard work and dedication, but also self-improvement. A lot of people in this business go on and on and become so egoic. One thing I noticed about him is that he was self-aware and that’s what I really loved. He worked on self-love, and if you love yourself then you can love someone else completely. He was the first guy I met that I went, ‘Wow, he’s spiritually-evolving where I want to be and go.’”



From my interview with Jessie on November 18, 2015

What’s the best thing about Eric?

JESSIE: “His patience and understanding. He is the most nonjudgmental person. I can say the craziest, most weirdest, out there stuff, and he never rolls his eyes or thinks it’s weird. He just gets me. He understands me. He’s very patient too, ’cause I’m a lot to handle sometimes, and he just does not feel like it is. He just thinks it’s great! What did he answer?”

From my interview with Eric on November 17, 2015

What’s the best thing about Jessie?

ERIC: “For me, it was just kinda the ‘it’ factor, the whole package. Obviously, very attracted physically right away to her, but she made me laugh. I opened up right away, just felt really comfortable around her. I think that was it --I just knew she was the one because I was me. She brought the best out of me, and it was something that a lot of people haven’t done, I guess, before that.”


So what sparked the subject for this blog post? The arrival of 2019, and how I was going to get as much "love luck" on my side as possible this year. You heard, Lauren --there really is some luck involved here.

I Googled some good luck New Year’s Eve practices to employ this December 31st: Wear red underwear to attract love -check! (I wore red-everything.) Eat 12 grapes and make 12 wishes at the stroke of midnight --check! I even saged my place on New Year’s Eve, so that I was going into the new year free of negative energy. 

So, fingers crossed.

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