March 27, 2019

I was chatting with one of my best friends the other day about life and how we sometimes feel like we’re continuously falling short in different aspects of our lives.

No matter how well we’re doing in life, there’s always one part of our lives that we feel we can be doing better.

We think: "I should be spending more time with my husband/children" or "I should be getting to the gym more" or "I wish I could kick this bad habit."

Like us, you might feel stuck with the status quo, especially when your past illustrates that you simply can’t overcome certain obstacles or mindsets.

You might justify these untrue thoughts by telling yourself, “Well, I’ve been living this way for so long, I can’t change now. This is just who I am."

Not true! You don’t have to live with that defeated feeling!

Our past mindsets and the limitations we believe we possess don’t have to be our reality.

One moment you're on the right path to getting in better shape, then you go on vacation, indulge in all the food...

March 19, 2019

Everyone has an opinion about social media. Some love it. Some hate it. Some are indifferent. We live in a world where when someone's social media footprint is nonexistent, we instantly wonder: What is he/she hiding? Being on social media is the norm.

Recently, I was chatting with a girlfriend, who stated, “Social media isn’t real.”  --meaning that we shouldn’t put so much emphasis on how people navigate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., because their actions here ultimately don’t "really" matter in the “real world."

I beg to differ.

Social media IS a real world of its own and impacts people in various ways.

On the positive side, it can help promote our business/work, provide validation, inspire, entertain, and inform. On the flip side, it can invoke jealousy and insecurity.

This past January, Hailey Bieber shared this photo along with her candid thoughts about Instagram on the ’gram:

 Photo Credit: Instagram / Hailey Bieber

Hailey writes: “I’m insecure, I’m fragile… I get angry. I h...

March 6, 2019

George McFly knew that Lorraine was his density -- I mean, DESTINY.  [That’s from Back to the Future, for those of you who missed out on this memorable scene from one of my favorite 80s films.]  Who doesn't love a man who knows what he wants? It's a rarity, especially in today's world. 

Ahhh, destiny...

I sometimes ask people, including the celebs I interview, if they believe in fate or destiny as it’s a topic of discussion that fascinates me.

Catherine Zeta-Jones told me she believes in destiny, particularly when it comes to her husband, Michael Douglas. She believes that the two of them, who met at the 1998 Deauville Film Festival in France, were destined to be together.

“I do believe in destiny. I probably would’ve met him at some film festival in my life, y’know? Look, all the odds seemed to be against us. Ugh, it will never last [all the naysayers said]. Well, it did,” says Catherine with a smile.

The question about whether destiny exists and if you can escape your destiny h...

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