February 21, 2019

Yesterday, I was reading “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero and got to the chapter on fear, and this particular section spoke to me:

“When we watch someone take a leap of faith, our first reaction is to scream, ‘Look out!’... We’ve not only made a habit out of smearing our fear and worry and doubt all over each other, but we pat ourselves on the backs for it because we believe that it shows how much we care.”

It goes on to say that we give a lot of lip service to the idea that anything is possible, but should we actually do anything radical (quit our secure job to follow a dream, take out a loan to build our dream business or fall in love and decide we want to marry that person, even though we just met him/her last week...), sirens go off.

I can certainly relate. I consider myself “mostly” fearless: I’ve moved across country twice; I challenge myself when it comes to my fear of heights; and I am constantly swatting...

February 12, 2019

Catherine Zeta-Jones covers MIAMI LIVING's February/March 2019 issue! The beautiful, Academy Award-winning actress spoke with me about her new Facebook Watch web TV series, Queen America, Casa Zeta-Jones, her children, and the mantra Michael Douglas and she subscribe to for a happy, lasting marriage and more.

Also inside, my interviews with the Countess of Carnarvon, celebrity photographer John Russo, and Warren-Tricomi Salons' Edward Tricomi.

Don't miss interviews with Grey's Anatomy's Camilla LuddingtonX Factor's Mel B, and Deadly Class' Maria Gabriela De Faria and Michel Duval. We have fashion, food, travel and more. 

Read it here.

February 10, 2019

Last night, I attended Tiffany & Co's photography exhibition by Renell Medrano. Such a fun event with an open bar, passed lite bites, and a guest list that included Kendall Jenner, Nina Agdal, and Emily Ratajkowski. 

I asked Nina Agdal a couple of questions and here's what she said.

When you think of Tiffany’s & Co., what comes to mind?

Nina Agdal: I think blink. I think love. And I think happiness.

Favorite pieces?

NA: I love a good tennis bracelet -- I think it’s a must for everyone. I love that.

What don’t you leave home without?

NA: I don’t leave home without a chapstick, dental floss, and when I’m wearing my own jewelry, my thumb ring.





 Loved the appetizers, which included chicken & waffle bites, grilled cheese bites and tomato soup shots, mini vegan sliders, truffle popcorn, chocolate dipped cookies....


February 7, 2019

It’s been almost two months since I’ve had a full-time job yet it feels so much longer that. Possibly because these days, I don’t have a routine. It’s like being on summer vacation. I go to bed whenever I want (which can be any time between 2-5 am), since I usually don’t have anywhere to be in the morning. I begin each day whenever I’d like --sometimes I sleep till noon, other times I’m up at 10 am. Sounds great, right? Well, it’s not as great as you’d think.              

While a part of me appreciates all of this extra time I now have, the other part of me misses my past routine: wake up, go to work, have lunch with friends, go home to relax, go to the gym, watch TV, go to bed. Repeat the next day.

Now that I don’t have a set schedule and can basically do whatever I’d like, I’m a little lost. Honestly, I don’t do well when given a plethora of options, I find it overwhelming and it kinda makes me freeze up. Those 10-page restau...

February 2, 2019

I am all about vibes and energy. I love deep, profound talks, especially on why some things work and some things don’t. If we’re really vibing, I will likely ask you your sign because I’ve noticed patterns in astrology. Is it a coincidence that many of my best friends are Aries? Probably not; it’s one of the signs I’m most compatible. Seriously, look into the signs of those closest to you? Do you notice a pattern, too?

One thing I’ve noticed about myself, is that I have sometimes pushed for relationships/friendships, even when I knew we weren’t in sync or that something was off. I always try to see the good in people and have a propensity for wanting to help others, even when it’s to my detriment (I’ve gotten better at identifying this and nipping it in the bud, I think, I hope.), and have come to realize that you have to let these people go for the sake of your health/sanity. Before, I looked at letting them go as a failure, which is why I would hang on to it and try to make it work, b...

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